Welcome to The ART of Mining Project

Hello and thanks for visiting my website.
This site is intended to compliment and promote my illustration projects titled “The ART of Mining”.

The ART of Mining is an illustrative look at the working life of coal miners and their daily working environment in the coal mines.


“His job, his day, his dark world”

A look at life darn’t pit – as we say in the north

The idea for “The ART of Mining” came about from a nostalgic sense of my early days in Coal Mining. Having returned to the UK after 14 years overseas, the industry as I knew it, had all but gone. The landscape had changed and the majority of miners had moved on to new jobs and new lives.

Many still live around locally and it’s often I’ll hear men say “I wish we were back at pit Archie”, or at the very least state “you don’t get that kind of camaraderie elsewhere and you’ll never get it again”.

pithead-top landscape

pithead landscape

There’s a growing number of social networking sites and groups these days were ex miners reminisce of the times gone by and share artefacts and pictures of their proud past. Still to this day there remains a great sense of pride. However it also carries an undertone of melancholy within. After all, the loss of a great workforce and its social upheaval have left behind it a deep scar in history.

Maybe I should have called the book “The HEART of Mining” :/